Services We Offer

We at Seminet specialize in rapid manufacturing to get your new product or invention ready to go. Our process involves designing, building and testing prototypes based on our customer’s specifications to complete a fully functioning prototype. We ensure that product is functioning as it should and there are no flaws in design. We also provide the highest quality precision machined components, tooling, and assemblies for customers in a broad range of industries

Fast Time to Market

In today’s product development environment, products and the technologies they’re based on change rapidly, as do the number of competitors for market share. Time to market and finding ways of optimizing it are critical components that directly affect our customer’s revenue. Seminet ensures you the fast time to market.

Reasons why Seminet cares about Fast Time to Market
  • Efficient resource management
  • Predictable schedules and launch dates
  • Increased total revenue
Field Service

Seminet provides field service to our customers. We assist with the implementation, and installation of products. We can help you achieve your productivity goals for new installations, upgrades, or replacements and can help you identify the best ways to achieve maximum productivity and return-on-investment.

Electro-Mechanic Assembly

In cases where a job requires not only the fabrication of the component parts but the assembly of those parts, Battle is the experienced choice. With Clean Room capability as well as the ability to handle extremely large and heavy parts, Battle can meet your mechanical assembly needs.

This program was provided as a complete electro-mechanical assembly to the PCB integrator. This included all sheetmetal and purchased components. The electro-mechanical assembly included cables, fans and power supplies. The fans and power supplies were functionally tested per customer requirements.

Complex Mechanical Assembly
  • Metal cabinetry, enclosures, and extrusion frames
  • Plastics welding and fabrication
  • Supply chain management
  • manufacturing and Integration
Metal Fabrication

Precision frames are the building blocks of today high tech equipment, and the precision required as well as their bulk, makes them the right product to build in the U.S. For nearly 20 years Battle Precision Manufacturing has been making frames for multiple industries that exceed the requirements for precision, cost, and quality.

Our Stainless Steel Tube Frames are machined and welded for industrial equipment, clean room environment, and test and measurement capital equipment. Battle Precision engineers work up-front utilizing fixtures and detailed process instructions creating some of the most accurate frames ever requested by our customers. Combined with Class A cosmetic sheetmetal "skins" and value-added assembly, Battle Precision Manufacturing provides a complete electro-mechanical assembly solution.

  • Materials Including Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum
  • Frame sizes up to 12 feet per side
  • Machined to +/- 0.005, welded to +/- 0.010