Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

Seminet’s unique technology enables construction of optical temperature probes from low-cost, high-strength materials such as polymer plastic optical fiber, and bulk glass fiber bundles.

Switch Gear temperature Monitoring from Seminet’s FTX series of fiber optic temperature signal conditioners offers exceptional speed and precision and has the same look and feel as traditional temperature transmitters, including familiar 4-20mA analog outputs and Modbus RTU communication over an RS-485 bus. Each signal conditioner can monitor temperature at three points, which is perfect for three phase power monitoring and a host of other applications.

Seminet’s fiber optic sensors are immune to electromagnetic radiation and compatible with high-voltage, high-RF (radio frequency), and high-magnetic field environments so are ideal for applications where thermocouples and RTD’s fail.

These fiber optic temperature transmitters incorporates the latest generation of microprocessor technology with a convenient USB 2.0 compliant serial interface to provide an extremely powerful measurement instrument capable of rapidly detecting a wide range of temperatures from cryogenic temperatures to over 500 degrees Celsius.

Multiple fiber optic temperature transmitters can be DIN rail mounted and daisy-chained together for easy communication across hundreds of devices using modbus RTU protocol. In addition, each optical temperature transmitter supports up to three independent analog 4-20mA outputs with 16 bit DAC resolution.

Seminet’s fiber optic temperature sensors do not use copper wires that are prone to electrical noise and thermal drift. Instead, a beam of light is conducted through an optical cable to a photo-sensitive crystal matrix which changes properties with temperature.

Applications for Seminet’s optical temperature sensors include:
  • Smart grid temperature monitoring of transformer winding hot-spots
  • Generator stator temperature
  • Bus-bar temperature monitoring
  • Smart grid switch gear temperature monitoring
  • High voltage cable and transmission line monitoring
  • Fuel cell temperature control
  • Electrostatic chuck temperature for conductor or dielectric etch processes
  • Silicon wafer temperature and wafer mapping for process control
  • Microwave temperature sensing
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI temperature monitoring
  • X-Ray transparent temperature sensing
  • Temperature sensors for inductive heaters
  • Plasma temperature measurement
  • Shielded thermocouple and RTD applications