Wafer Scanning System-WSS

The Wafer Scanning System provides automated inspection of 200 mm and 300 mm wafers. Employing proprietary non-destructive inspection technology, the Wafer Scanning System detects, classifies, and stores information on defects and particulates on polished bare and processed silicon wafers. The customizable Wafer Scanning System offers chipmakers low-cost, high-performance, detection of defects and particulates, therby improving yields. The most cost-effective solution on the market, the Wafer Scanning System also lowers fab capitalization costs, lowers fab operational cost-of ownership, amd improves fab profitability.

System Features
  • Clean room Robot.
  • Up to 4 BOLTS Interface Compliant Load Ports.
  • Wafer OCR & Pre-aligner.
  • 1 µm, or 0.05µm or 0.06µm particle detection system.
  • POD RFID reader.
  • ISO Class 1 environmental at wafer surface.
  • CDA, XCDA, or N2 tool environment.
  • ULPA Filters with 100% adjustable speed.
  • Mirror Finish (#8) Stainless Steel Enclosure.
  • SEMI S2&S8 Compliant.
  • HMI featuring 15" LCD panel with touch screen.
  • NI Lab VIEW Software.
Inspection Technology Features
  • 1 µm, or 0.05µm or 0.06µm minimum particle detection.
  • Defect Classification.
  • Defect size qualification up to 4 defect size ranges.
  • Optimized throughput Based on wafer size.
  • Optical Filtering.
  • Auto Microscope Review.
  • Defect Plotting.
  • Auto Defect Review.
  • Data Storage.
  • 488nm Ar Laser Source.
  • Photo Detect detection Source.
Inspection Data/Results Presentation

The Wafer Scanning System offers a user friendly, SEMI-complaint Graphical User Interface that presents results in intuitive displays. The Wafer Scanning System reports the number of defects detected on both the top and back side of wafer.

Defect data, such as number of defects, classification, ESD size and XY-coordinates will be displayed in a map, table, and histogram formats providing a quick overview.


Considering the substantial investment in today's FAB's, and with the expected Growth in Semiconductor industry, the need for a cost effective, highly reliable and high capacity storage solutions for automated material handling system (AMHS) is essential.

Seminet introduces a revolutionary design in Automated Material Handling Solutions, with the Infinity SACS™ (Semi Automated Carousel Stocker). The Infinity-AVCS provides a cost effective scalable storage solutions capable of storing multiple pod types within the same stocker. The unique design of the Infinity-SACS provides the following:

  • High Density Storage.
  • Multi Access Points.
  • Scalable Storage Shelves.
  • Ultra Clean Environment.
  • Serviceability.
  • Stocker Management System.