Seminet combines both technical and program management capabilities to meet the most complex aerospace design challenges. From detail design of small rotating and static engine components, electrical-mechanical control surfaces and complete systems to large conceptual design of airframe structures, Seminet have the mechanical design drafting, FEA, and CFD analysis experience needed to make customer project a success.

Our size and position in the aerospace industry has helped facilitate preferred supplier status with leading companies, improving project implementation time while reducing costs. Our aerospace engineering team has the complete experience in the aerospace industry, and can provide clients with high-value turnkey solutions to meet key project deadlines and achieve business results.

Seminet offers value added engineering services to the commercial aircraft industry customers in the following areas,
  • Airframe Structures
  • Engine Components
  • Systems Engineering
  • Interiors and Seating
  • External Systems
Overall Capabilities
  • CAD models and 2D drawings
  • Weight / Cost Reduction efforts
  • Concept Modeling / Layout Design
  • All Disciplines of Conceptual Design
  • Design Drafting per ANSI, ASME Standards
  • Geometric Dimensioning Studies
  • CAD Conversion, Reverse Engineering
  • Turnkey Design, Drafting, Checking
  • Mechanisms / Components
  • Castings, Forgings, Machined Parts
  • Composites and Fabricated Parts
  • Test Riggs / Test Cells
  • Form-Fit-Function
  • Primary composite and metallic structure analysis
  • Structural analysis on vessel seats
  • Linear and non linear FE analysis
  • Structural optimization
  • Rotor Dynamics
  • Thermal Simulations
  • Fluid Mechanics
Airframe Structural Capabilities
  • Pressurized Cabin
  • Composite fairings and trailing edge structure
  • Flaps and ailerons (composite & metallic) Aircraft doors
  • Wing Structure
  • Fuselage structure
  • Mechanical systems
  • Rail body shell & interior
  • Automotive chassis, body & trim
  • Foundations for deck mounted equipment
  • Control Surfaces
  • Cabin and Cargo
  • Systems & Hydraulics
  • Panels
Engines and Nacelle Capabilities
  • Turbo machinery Mechanical Design
  • Aircraft and Structures Loads
  • Variable Stator Vane (VSV) Design
  • Controls Mechanical Design
  • Bracket, Piping and Configuration Design
  • Combustor Mechanical Design
  • Fan, Compressor and Turbine Airfoils
  • Bearings / Seals / Drives / Lube Systems
  • Fan Blade Out, Bird Strike & Ice Ingestion
  • UG Kinematics (VSV, Exhaust Nozzle)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Actuation Systems
  • Heat Transfer / Secondary Systems
  • Engine Gearboxes and Accessories
  • Rotating and Static Engine Components
  • Hot and Cold Sections